AITbiotech offers a range of training courses designed to update and train our customers. The courses are taught by experts in their fields with years of technical experience and knowledge. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon the successful completion of the courses.


Bioinformatics Course

This 2-day course is for biologists and beginning bioinformaticians that want to develop their bioinformatics skills – from setting up a bioinformatics workstation to using common software tools to developing specialized workflows and pipelines for their own needs.

Date: 22 – 23 March 2016 (Registration closes 22 February 2016)

Course Overview:

  • Learn what it takes to set up a bioinformatics system
  • Get to know the data and the file formats and the common, basic analysis tools
  • Gain experience with workflows for quality checking of data, genome assembly, reference mapping, metagenomics and pathogen discovery
  • Get exposure to software packages and frameworks for managing genomics projects and pipelines

Next Generation Sequencing Course: NGS Sequencers

To provide a basic knowledge on NGS technologies and platforms, understanding the importance of NGS studies, applications and hands-on experience on two popular NGS platforms.

Date: TBD

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to NGS technologies
  • Overview of different NGS platforms and their sequencing chemistries
  • Overview of different types of NGS sequencing
  • Application of NGS

Molecular Biology Course

An introduction to various molecular techniques, including the setting up of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), PCR Cloning and transformation, capillary sequencing and data analysis.

Date: TBD

Course Overview:

  • Isolation and purification of nucleic acids
  • Introduction to PCR cloning (TA-cloning) and transformation
  • Introduction to restriction enzyme and vector system
  • Sequencing data analysis

Molecular Diagnostics Course

An introduction to the molecular diagnostics workflow

of pathogen detection and identification in clinical

samples, including sample preparation, real-time PCR

assay set-up and pathogen detection using real-time

PCR platforms.

Date: TBD

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to nucleic acid extraction
  • Real-time PCR technology and detection chemistries
  • Pathogen detection using real-time PCR
  • Overview of different real-time PCR platforms



“The AITbiotech Ion-Torrent Hands-on Workshop is a worthwhile technical experience. The organizing team at AITbiotech did an outstanding job in executing this workshop. Overall, the workshop is well-structured and informative.”

Fluidigm Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Ion Torrent course was very informative. The hands on was very well guided and all the tips and tricks learnt gave us and edge to successfully perform our own samples well. The trainers were very professional, friendly and questions were well answered.”

Infectious Diseases 1, Genome Institute of Singapore