How to Order

Ordering Gene Synthesis

  1. Fill up the Gene Synthesis (GS) Form
  2. Complete the GS Form and email to
  3. AITbiotech’s customer care team will reply with an order tracking number
  4. You will receive your synthesized genes with the following turnaround time


Gene Synthesis Lead Time (working days)
0-441bp 8-10*
442bp-500bp 8-10*
500bp-1kb 10-12*
1kb-2kb 16-18*
2kb-3kb Please inquire
>3kb Please inquire
20kb Please inquire

*Standard sequences only. Sequences with repeats, high or low GC contents, please inquire about turnaround.


For Overseas Customers

Please contact your local distributor. For overseas customers, please allow an additional 3 working days for shipping.

For more information on our Gene Synthesis offerings