Molecular Diagnostics

Dengue Virus (DEN) & Chikungunya Virus (CHIKU)

The abTES DEN5 qPCR I Kit utilizes real-time PCR technology to detect and differentiate Dengue virus serotype 1, serotype 2, serotype 3, and serotype 4 and Chikungunya virus in a single reaction tube. This multiplex kit is designed for rapid diagnosis and differentiation of dengue virus serotypes from Chikungunya infection in clinical sample. The kit is also a reliable tool to be used for surveillance of Dengue and Chikungunya virus in population.


  • Turnaround time of 3 hours from sample to result
  • The first reliable solution for simultaneous solution and differentiation of Dengue virus serotypes and Chikungunya virus
  • Easy reaction setup and result analysis
  • Multiplex and highly sensitive detection of Dengue virus serotypes and Chikungunya virus with updated proce and primer sets

Ordering Information

Product Name No of Reactions Detection of PCR Platform Cat No
abTES™ DEN 5 qPCR I Kit 50 DEN1/DEN2/DEN3/DEN4/CHIKU 300151
100 300152
abTES DEN 5 qPCR II Kit 50 DEN1/DEN2/DEN3/DEN4/CHIKU 300153
100 300154
abTES DEN 4 qPCR I Kit 50 DEN1/DEN2/DEN3/DEN4 with IC 300155
100 300156
abTES DEN 4 qPCR II Kit 50 DEN1/DEN2/DEN3/DEN4 with IC 300157
100 300158
abTES CHIKU qPCR I Kit 50 CHIKU with IC 300161
100 300162
abTES DEN qPCR I Kit 50 DEN 1-4 with IC 300163
100 300164

Real-time PCR Platforms

CFX96 (Bio-Rad)

Mx3005P (Agilent)

7500/7500 Fast (Life Technologies/ ABI)

Rotor-Gene Q 5plex/6plex (QIAGEN)