Molecular Diagnostics

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

The abTES™ HBV qPCR I Kit utilizes real-time PCR technology to detect and quantify hepatitis B viral DNA in clinical samples. This kit uses Internal Control to monitor the sample extraction efficiency and potential PCR inhibitions. The quantification standards are calibrated against the WHO HBV International Standard for NAT Testing 97/746 and can be used as positive control for qualitative detection of HBV.


  • Turnaround time of 3 hours from sample to result
  • Includes an Internal Control to monitor sample extraction efficiency and potential PCR inhibitions
  • Validated linear range up to 9 orders of magnitude
  • Able to detect HBV genotypes from A to H

Ordering Information

Product Name No of Reactions Detection of PCR Platform Cat No
abTES™ HBV qPCR I Kit 50 Hepatitis B Virus with IC



Real-time PCR Platforms

7500/7500 Fast (Life Technologies/ ABI)

Rotor-Gene Q 5plex/6plex (QIAGEN)