Molecular Diagnostics

Blood-borne Diseases

The precise detection and quantification of blood-borne viruses such as HBV, HCV, HIV and Parvo B19 is crucial for appropriate patient management and for the control of the viral transmission in the population. Conventional detection methods such as enzyme-link immune assay (ELISA) and antigen-antibody testing are labour-intensive and time consuming. End-point gel based PCR or reverse-transcription PCR are lacking of quantitative accuracy. AITbiotech’s real-time PCR MDx solution offers unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity which allows accurate quantitation of viral titer within hours. The highly accurate parallel testing and quantification system ensures cost- and time-effectiveness to laboratories.


Blood-borne Diseases - abTES Flu 4 qPCR VII Kit

abTESTM Real-Time PCR Assay ____________