Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The abGenix™ is a mid throughput extractor for automated nucleic acid extraction. It offers the flexibility to process 1 – 32 samples per run simultaneously, which can meet your small to medium sample process requirements.


  • Easy-to-use instrument with user friendly software, saving time and labour
  • Rapid extraction to streamline work process
  • Reliable system with cost effective and affordable kits for various kind of samples
  • High quality nucleic acid extraction using Magnetic Pillar Rod Technology
  • Small footprint which fits easily on lab bench top

Product Details


 Model  abGenix™
 Extraction method  Magnetic pillar rod technology
 Capacity  1 – 32 samples per batch
 Processing Time  30- 60 mins (kit dependent)
 Processing Volume  Fixed volume: 100- 200µL (kit dependent)
 Elution Volume  Fixed volume: 60- 100µL (kit dependent)
 Collection Efficiency of Magnetic Particles  > 95% depending on sample and reagent kit
 Heating Temperature  Room temperature to 120°C
 Contamination Control  UV light
  • Integrated microprocessor, no external PC required
  • Touch control operation
  • Tablet pairing and control
 Operation Interface  Chinese / English language operational system
 Protocols  Up to 15 pre-installed protocol in instrument, unlimited in tablet
 Dimensions (W x D x H)  440mm x 420mm x 440mm
 Weight  31.5kg
 Power Requirement  AC 110- 240V, 50/ 60Hz
 Power Consumption  600VA
 Operational Ambient Temperature  10 – 40°C


Cat No.
 Product Name
 Product Description
 800800  abGenix™ Nucleic Acid Extractor  Magnetic Pillar Rod Automated system for DNA, RNA, Protein and cell purification, up to 32 samples per run
 800811  abGenix™ Viral DNA & RNA Extraction Kit  Pre-filled, Plate, 64 preps
 800812  abGenix™ Viral DNA & RNA Extraction Kit  Pre-filled, Strip, 20 preps
 800815  abGenix™ Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit  Pre-filled, Plate, 64 preps
 800816  abGenix™ Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit  Pre-filled, Strip, 20 preps
 800827  abGenix™ Animal Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Kit  Pre-filled, Plate, 64 preps
 800850  abGenix™ Strip Adapter  Adapter for Strips. 1 piece
 800851  abGenix™ Mixing Sleeves  10 pieces per box


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