Thermocycler System

The abCycler offers reliable and accurate PCR system with precise temperature control and rapid temperature ramping. These extensive features coupled with a small footprint are ideal for any laboratories.


Smart design and Convenient features
  • Small footprint helps save bench space
  • Solid handle allow one-handed operation of the instrument
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Store an unlimited number of protocols with a USB memory drive
  • Our gradient technology ensures that ramping rates are identical in both gradient and normal mode
  • Precise and adjustable ramping rates
Simple, intuitive user interface
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen control panel
  • Easy to navigate and operate
  • Fast protocol setup and protocol organization in different folders
    • The lid is specially designed to reduce evaporation during PCR and help accommodate a wide variety of PCR consumables
    • Power failure protection allows instrument to save previous configurations and resume operation after power supply is restored

    Product Details


     Model  abCycler
     Catalogue no.  800710
     Thermoblock  Aluminium
     Sample capacity
    • 12 x 0.2ml 8-tube PCR strips/ 96 x 0.2ml PCR tubes
    • 1 PCR plate 8×12 (No skirt, Semi Skirt, Full Skirt)
     Tube type  Clear, White, Frosted
     Reaction volume  Up to 100µl
     Temperature range  0- 100°C
     Heating technology of the block  Peltier element
     Max. heating rate  5.5°C/ sec
     Max. cooling rate  4.5°C/ sec
     Block temperature accuracy  ± 0.2°C
     Block uniformity

    • 20- 72°C
    • 95°C

    • ± 0.2°C
    • ± 0.3°C
     Gradient range  1- 40°C
     Gradient block  12 columns
     Gradient temperature range  35- 100°C
     Lid temperature range (Heated lid)
    • Enabled: 40- 110°C
    • Disabled: Room temperature to 110°C
     Special temperature protocol  Standard mode, Gradient PCR mode, Long PCR mode, Touchdown PCR mode
     Control modes
    • 7″ LCD touch screen
    • Standalone system
     Power failure protection  Continue with experiments after power supply resumes
     Communication port  1 ethernet and 1 USB
     Dimension (W x D x H)  260mm x 400mm x 260mm
     Weight  11kg
     Power usage  AC110- 240V, 50/60Hz
     Power consumption  600VA
     Working environment
    • Temperature: 15- 35°C
    • Humidity: 20- 70%


    For more information, please call (65) 6778 6822 or email