real-time pcr system


The abCyclerQ is a powerful tool used to perform rapid and precise real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). This six-channel (5 fluorescence colours and 1 FRET channel) real-time PCR instrument combines advanced optical technology with precise temperature control to deliver reliable detection for both single and multiplex real-time PCR assays.

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Standalone Function

Operate without a computer, set up runs and monitor real-time data on the integrated LCD touch screen panel.

Application software

Use the provided abCyclerQ Application Software to design and analyze your experiments from a connected computer.

*For illustration purpose only. Actual product does not come with a laptop.

Product Details

Technical Specification

Catalogue no.800700
Sample capacity12 x 0.2ml 8-tube qPCR strips/ 96 x 0.2ml qPCR tubes/ 1 qPCR plate 8×12 (No Skirt)
Tube typeClear, White, Frosted
Reaction volumeUp to 100µl
Temperature range0- 100°C
Heating technology of the blockPeltier element
Max. heating rate6.1°C/sec
Average heating rate4.5°C/sec
Max. cooling rate5.0°C/sec
Average cooling rate2.8°C/sec
Temperature accuracy± 0.2°C
Block uniformity
20- 72°C

± 0.2°C
± 0.3°C
Gradient range1- 40°C
Gradient block12 columns
Gradient temperature range35- 100°C
Lid temperature range
(Heated lid)
Enabled: 40- 110°C
Disabled: Room temperature to 110°C
Special temperature protocolStandard mode, Gradient PCR mode, Long PCR mode, Touchdown PCR mode
Sample linearityR² ≥ 0.998 or r ≥ |0.999|
Sample repeatabilityCt value, CV ≤ 0.5%
Sample dynamic range1- 1010 copies
PC operating systemWin 7, Win 10
Communication port1 ethernet and 3 USB
Dimension (W x D x H)355mm x 480mm x 485mm
Net weight30kg
Power usageAC 100- 240V, 50/ 60Hz
Power consumption900VA
Working environmentTemperature: 10- 30°C
Humidity: 20- 85%

Optical System Specification

Excitation source6 filtered LED
Detection positionExcitation and detection from the top
Detection method6 channels scanning at the same time, no edge effect
Scan time7 seconds for 96 wells for all channels
Channels & wavelength• 465/ 510 (FAM, SYBR Green I, STYO9, EvaGreen, LCGreen)
• 527/ 563 (HEX, VIC, TET, JOE)
• 580/ 616 (ROX, Texas Red)
• 632/ 664 (Cy5)
• 680/ 730 (Alexa Fluor680)
• 465/ 616 (FRET)
ProbeTaqMan probe, Molecular beacon probe, Scorpion probe, FRET
MultiplexingUp to 5 targets per well
Fluorescence linearityR² > 0.980 or r > |0.990|

Software Functions Specification

Data analysis modesQualitative analysis, Absolute quantification, Relative quantification, Genotypingm Endpoint analysis, High resolution melt analysis, Melt curve analysis
Control modes• 10.4″ ouch screen
• Direct PC control/ Standalone system
• LAN control (One PC can connect up to 10 units)
Sample loadingTouch screen command on loading platform
Data storageUpload & download via USB; save up to 1000 run files in internal memory storage
Power failure protectionContinue with experiments after power supply resumes
Customize reportDefault template available with customizable options
Shipping lockAutomatically detect shipping lock upon start up
LIS connectionCSV, Excel, TXT format data output, open port for LIS connection

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