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One of the key focuses at AITbiotech is to develop and commercialize innovative Molecular Diagnostic (MDx) assays through close collaboration with Singapore's leading research institutions and hospitals. With our vast experience and expertise in oligos/probes technologies, we now market MDx assays that enable physicians to deliver improved patient diagnosis and care. All the abTESTM kits are based on PCR and Real-time PCR technologies, a standard method for clinical molecular laboratories because of its ability to deliver maximum sensitivity specificity and reproducibility. Our kits are available as monoplex or multiplex-pathogen detection assays that enable early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of major infectious diseases.

Our Innovative Offer, Your
SMART Choice

Simple and easy-to-use features enable hassle-free workflow

Multiplex real-time PCR assays compatible with various platforms

Affordable quality assurance solutions for clinical laboratory applications

Reliable and robust assay with Internal Control for pathogen detection and serotype differentiation

Time-saving and user-oriented protocols ensure fast turn-around time from sample to result within 3.5 hours