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AITbiotech is the authorized distributor for Eurogentec S.A. in Singapore. Eurogentec is a leading global supplier of innovative reagents, kits, specialty products and custom services. The company provides high quality products to scientists involved in the life science, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets.


Oli&GO 1.2.3TM 

  • Oli&GO 1.2.3TM Activations
  • Oli&GO 1.2.3TM Reload

Custom Oligonucleotides- Bases

  • DNA Bases
  • RNA Bases
  • LNA® Bases
  • 2'O-Me RNA Bases
  • PNA Bases

Custom Oligonucleotides - Modifications

  • Phosphate
  • Biotins
  • Conjugates
  • Modifiers
  • Spacers
  • Non-Natural Bases
  • Degenerate Bases
  • Fluorophores
  • Quenchers

Double-Dye Probes

  • Double-Dye Probes 3'TAMRA
  • Double-Dye Probes 3'BHQ®
  • Double-Dye Probes 3'EDQ
  • Double-Dye Probes 3'DDQ

Molecular Beacons

  • Molecular Beacons 3'Dabcyl
  • Molecular Beacons 3'BHQ®
  • Wavelenght-Shifting Molecular Beacons
  • 1'O- Methyl RNA Molecular Beacons

Real-Time qPCR Probes. LC Hybridization Probes

  • LC Hybridization probes

Real-Time qPCR Probe - PlexorTM Primers and Controls

  • PlexorTM Labelled Primers
  • PlexorTM Human Control Gene Primer Sets

RNAi Oligonucleotides

  • Custom siRNA Duplexes
  • Control siRNA Duplexes

Universal Primers

Catalogue PNA Probes

  • PNA FISH Probes


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