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AITbiotech is the authorized distributor for Eppendorf AG in Singapore. Eppendorf is a biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in life-science research laboratories worldwide.

Its product range includes pipettees, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips. In addition, Eppendorf provides instruments and systems for cell manipulation, automated devices for liquid handling, complete equipment for DNA amplification and biochips. A series of complementary products manufactured by themselves and other companies round off this product range.


Pipettes, Dispensers & more

Ergonomic design, intuitive operation and highest precision.

  • Single Channel Pipettes
  • Multichannel Pipettes
  • Dispensers & Burettes
  • Electronic Pipetting and Dispensing


Eppendorf centrifuges provide reliable top performance in the lab.

  • Microcentrifuges (Refrigerated/Non-refrigerated)
  • Benchtop Centrifgues (Refrigerated/Non-refrigerated)
  • Clinical Centrifuges (Refrigerated/Non-refrigerated/Heating)

Automated pipetting

epMotion automated Liquid Handling Workstations.

  • Plug'n'Prep® nucleic acid extraction
  • Real-time PCR set-up
  • Cell maintenance and cell based assays
  • Clinical research
  • Chemical and material research

Temperature control and mixing

Discover the easiness of mixing, heating and cooling.

  • Thermomixer comfort
  • Thermomixer compact
  • ThermoStat plus
  • MixMate®


Single, fast, reliable - Eppendorf's PCR instruments and consumables.

  • PCR Consumables
  • real-time PCR Consumables
  • Cycler
  • PCR Accessories

Tips, Tubes, and Plates

The original Eppendorf consumables fulfilling higher demands than ever.

  • Pipette Tips
  • Combitips
  • Tubes
  • Plates

Cell Manipulation

Eppendorf products offer you state of-the-art cell manipulation systems.

  • Micromanipulation
  • Microinjection
  • Microcapillaries
  • Electroporation and Electrofusion
  • Accessories Electroporation


The easy, rapid and reliable BioPhotometer plus analysis system.

  • BioPhotometer plus
  • UVette®


Designed to keep your Eppendorf instruments in an optimum condition.

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