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Arrayit Corporation is a leading life sciences company providing innovative products and services to empower scientists and clinicians to explore the human genome as well as the genomes of plants and animals. Arrayit's worldwide business position leverages the company's widely used patented microarray manufacturing platform and revolutionary VIPTM genotyping technology.


Arrayit NanoPrintTM and SpotBot® microarrayers provide sophisticated solutions for automated DNA and protein microarray printing. NanoPrintTM linear drive and sub-micron motion control allows high-end manufacturing, whereas SpotBot® systems enable affordable personal dekstop use. 


Microarray Scanners

Arrayit offers three lines of sophisticated microarray scanning instruments including high-density Innoscan® laser/PMT fluorescent scanners, introductory SpotLightTM CCD/cool excitation fluorescent scanners, and SpotWareTM colorimetric line scanners.

DNA Microarrays

Arrayit offers industry leading pre-printed microarrays including H25K, the first microarray designed and built using the entire human genome sequence as a blueprint. Discover ChipsTM enables basic studies of human, mouse, rat and Arabidopsis,and CheckItTM Chips provide excellent educational tools.

Protein Microarrays

Arrayit's patented contact printing platform affords premium quality protein microarrays including microarrays of antigens, antibodies, peptides and other protein molecules. PlasmaScanTM 80, containing antibodies raised to native human serum proteins, allows the rapid discovery of novel plasma proteome markers.

Microarray Printing

Arrayit offers the world's most widely used microarray printing technology consisting of Profesional, 946, Stealth and ChipMarker pins and printheads. Microarray printing technology allows the high-speed manufacture of DNA, protein, antibody, lipid, carbohydrate and many other types of microarrays for research and diagnostic applications of gene expression, genotyping and many more. 

Microarray Substrate Slides

Arrayit Super Microarray Substrates are polished atomically flat glass printing surfaces with superior coupling chemistry at an affordable price. Cut to precision dimensions (25 mm X  76 mm) and polished to ±25Å. Arrayit Super Microarray Substrates set the standard for all types of microarray applications including DNA, protein, antibody, carbohydrate and other microarray types.

Microarray Instruments

Arrayit Microarray Instruments are sophiscated products designed to facilitate the quality and speed of your microarray research. Instruments are compatible with all types of microarrays and include computers, spinners, air jets, vacuum products,and other exciting widgets.


Amplification & Labeling

Arrayit sets the standard in the microarray industry with Arrayit brand labeling kits, starting with our flagship product for alkaline phosphatase colorimetric labeling.


Purification Kits

Arrayit DNA Purification Kits provide both high yield and superior purity. Applications include: DNA microarrays, fluorescent probe purification, sequencing and others. Kits are formatted in single tube, 96-well and 384-well formats for small research projects and large commercial applications. Arrayit kits utilize proprietary binding membranes and purification chemistries for optimal performance.


Microarray Tools

Arrayit sets the standard for microarray tools to assist in providing the highest quality results for genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and agricultural research. Arrayit tools are affordable, durable and easy to use.


Buffers & Solutions

Arrayit buffers and solutions are designed and optimized to increase the quality of microarray manufacturing, processing,and use. Printing buffers, blocking buffers and wash buffers are based on more than 10 years of research and development.


Microarray Cleanrooms

Arrayit high-performance microarray cleanroom technology products are designed for the most stringent cleanroon enviroments. Cleanroom suits, gloves, wipes and particle counters offer the very best products available for class 1, 10, 100 and 1000 microarray cleanrooms.


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