Molecular Diagnostics  Oligonucleotides Synthesis  Capillary Sequencing  Next-Generation Sequencing  Bioinformatics Analysis 

AITbiotech was founded by Alex Thian and Sue Yap in 2006 with the vision of building a leading biotechnology company in molecular diagnostic and genomic services.  Sue and Alex have more than 20 years of experience in the life science business.

With these experience and supported by a team of biotechnologists, AITbiotech has grown to become a leading Molecular Diagnostic (MDx) Products and Genomic Services provider for Singapore and ASIA.  In collaboration with leading researchers and institutes, AITbiotech MDx has developed real-time PCR (qPCR) multiplex assays technology for detection and genotyping of pathogens. AITbiotech multiplex qPCR assays marketed under the abTESTM are high sensitive and accurate. The abTESTM MDx kits are being used by major hospitals in Singapore and Asia. 

AITbiotech is developing Personal Genomic Diagnostic (PGx) tests and assays especially Companion Diagnostic assays for detecting drug resistance and drug adverse side effects. Our main focus is development of tests for prediction of cardiovascular disease as well as tests on the effectiveness or adverse side effect of statins and anti-plalet drugs on patients. We are looking for collaborators for the development as well as clinical trials of our tests.

Focusing on using latest genomics technology tools and working with in collaboration with leading life science technologies companies such as Life Technologies Inc, AITbiotech offers high quality and consistent Genomic Services to the Asian research and biomedical markets. Our 3 core Genomic Services labs in Oligonucleotides Synthesis, Capillary Sequencings/General Genomics Services and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) are located in Singapore. We have a team of highly trained and experienced biotechnologists working to provided Innovative and Trusted services that our customers can rely on for the research works. 

AITbiotech NGS Services Division has a team of laboratory professionals and Bioinformatics Specialist. Being the first to offer NGS services in Singapore and the Asian region and in collaboration with our global NGS partners AITbiotech now offers a comprehensive suite of NGS services including;

1.       NGS Project Consultation and Proposals

2.       Experimental Design and Development

3.       Complete wet lab works from sample preparation and library construction

4.       Bioinformatics Services from Primary to Tertiary levels

5.       NGS Data Storage and Management.

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