Phoenix Molecular Pte Ltd

Phoenix Molecular is developing and integrating three disruptive technologies into a single system which by definition will change the market in molecular testing by creating a simple, cost-effective, fully-integrated system. This system can be utilized in military, industrial, public health, and human/veterinary diagnostics markets.

HealthSeq Asia Pte Ltd

HealthSeq was founded with the vision of being the leading genome analysis cloud computing company  in Asia. The HealthSeq product will serve as a platform for delivering genome-driven personalized medicine, optimization of healthcare provision, and management and analyses of clinical trials and pharmaceutical data.

AI Biomedical Pte Ltd

AI Biomedical Pte Ltd was incorporated in July 2014 in Singapore with the intention to focus on near-patient testing and diagnostics. With an experienced team, the company will develop and provide Point-of-Care (POC) and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) healthcare and diagnostic products. Concurrently,, the company aims be a leading POC and DTC Diagnostic diagnostics distributor in Asia.